Get the aperture ring in your vintage M42 lens to work in full manual mode: An easy mod

I really enjoy using M42 (AKA screw mount) lenses. 

Manual focusing is a great exercise and the quality of the glass is often surprising.


My first experiences with this Osawa 28mm f2.8, however, were not great, as I soon noticed I had no control over the aperture, which was constantly set to f2.8, and with no option to switch the lens into manual mode, I was stuck with a very shallow depth of field.


There is an easy fix, however, depending on the lens you are using, which will not take much of your time, and will definitely give you all the aperture control you need, and all it requires is a screwdriver, a ballpoint pen and enough confidence to open up the back of your lens without too much fear of damaging it (which is always a possibility...).


So if you are having issues with your collection of vintage and legacy lenses, you might want to follow the simple steps shown in the video.


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